Welcome to ADK Stables

These are the core products for the ADK Stables. If you want to order apparel not featured here, go to avidequestrian.ca/shop to choose your product, and simply enter ‚ÄĚADK Stables‚ÄĚ in the free embroidery field.

ADK Stables logo is available for these locations or products: Left Chest, Hat front, Jacket Back, Saddle Pad, Pants, Bags.

If you need help?… Feel free to contact our customer service for free support

ADK Stables apparel colours:

  • Women’s Polo:¬†BLACK | WHITE
  • Youth Polo:¬†BLACK | WHITE
  • Women’s Tee:¬†BLACK | WHITE | PURPLE | COAL GREY
  • Youth Zip Hoody:¬†Black, Heather Grey
  • Women’s Zip Hoody:¬†¬†Black, Heather Grey
  • Womens Windbreaker:¬†BLACK
  • Youth Windbreaker:¬†BLACK
  • Women’s Softshell:¬†BLACK
  • Youth Softshell:¬†BLACK
  • Women’s Splash Pant:¬†BLACK
  • Youth Splash Pant:¬†BLACK
  • Adult Ballcap:¬†COAL GREY¬†
  • Youth Ballcap :¬†COAL GREY¬†

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